Wake up my dear children
I am here to take you to a treasure trove
Sowed for you by your fore fathers
It’s grown into a Sacred Grove
Home to the birds and the beasts
And all that Mother Earth holds dear
Somewhere Brown, somewhere Green
A sight to behold ; a sight so serene
Let me show you this dream
A dream that your ancestors wove
Many years have passed since
That dream has blossomed into a Sacred Grove
Let’s all walk slowly
Into the arms of this paradise
Where everything is beautiful
Peaceful and nice
Expressive and intense are their eyes
Bereft of our intellect, pride and lies
More worthwhile than any treasure trove
It’s they who make this a Sacred Grove
It’s a land of coexistence
With faith in understanding and love
Where no one has ever known malice
So boundless is the grace from up above
While you admire this divine bounty
Understand well your duties to this treasure trove
Many generations henceforth
May there still be this Sacred Grove
Before you leave
Fill your eyes and your hearts within
With pictures and sights only a few have seen
May with your efforts another Sacred Grove begin