converting barren lands into thriving greens, proactively devoting land for green cover, sacred grove communities, making it a movement.

Sacred Grove Theme Poem

Why do we need a Sacred Grove

Highlight the advantages a forest delivers. Each Sacred Grove will add to the green cover and contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint.

What is a Sacred Grove

Qualifying criteria for a Sacred Grove

    • Size = Minimum 150 sq. ft.
    • Should not be a garden.
    • Should be a hub of trees, plants, bushes and shrubs that are self sustaining after the initial development effort.
    • Should have a protective perimeter in the form of a fence.

Ways to establish a Sacred Grove

What is a Sacred Grove Community

Have you established a Sacred Grove Community
Please provide information about your Sacred Grove

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    • Describe your Sacred Grove in 250 words –
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Sacred Grove Community Dictionary

A listing of Sacred Groves across India.

Location (District)Size of the Sacred Grove