A Sacred Grove is a forest irrespective of its size. It is your individual contribution to the process of afforestation of India. It is your individual contribution to the drive to repaint the Earth green. Assume you are a Doctor and you are attending to your injured child by putting soothing dressings to the child’s body. The Earth is as much our mother as much as it is our child. Humans have inflected brutal injuries to their own child and mother. It is time to regret those actions and attend to the wounds. Through various signs and actions; the Earth is asking us humans to stop the cruelties and initiate the repair work. It is losing patience. And each one of us have to contribute to the rebuilding process. So, step up and join the drive.

If you have land; we urge you to develop it into a Sacred Grove. If you have funds, then we urge you to acquire a piece of land and develop it into a Sacred Grove. India is dotted with barren land. Get a piece of it and invest some effort, time and resources into it. In time, you will see it develop into a Sacred Grove. The joy that you will experience will be profound. We will provide you with guidance and support. You have congregated enough material wealth in your life none of which will accompany your soul when it will disintegrate from your mortal body. Building a forest will create a real legacy because your action will benefit humankind. By dedicating a piece of land that you own to develop into a Sacred Grove will make nature smile because your effort will lead to many positive results:

  • You will create a carbon sink that will lead to reduction of carbon from the atmosphere and assist in reducing day temperatures.
  • Your Sacred Grove will produce fresh oxygen central to the wellbeing of all living beings.
  • You will enrich biodiversity.
  • Your Sacred Grove will provide shelter to various types of birds, animals and insects.
  • You will receive blessings from nature for your good deed.